Measuring of interpass temperature

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I have a quick question.
Where do we measure the interpass temperature exactly?

for mid steel or casing or tool joint?
Tool joint and hardbanding of drilling pipes are very important to check preheat and control interpass temperature.
Yes for sure, soak heat need to monitoring and checking.


interpass temperature is the temperature of the base metal during welding operations or once welding has begun.

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Inter-pass temperature is measured on the previously deposited bead before welding another bead on itself.


Lincoln_Weld_ interpass_temp.pdf (113.0 KB)

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You can check on weld bead directly with the help of pyrometer or you can use temperature chalk near to weld edge.

One of the main problem related to the infrared thermometers or pyrometers are they will make irrelevant readings on shiny materials.
Always use temperature crayons so that they have a tolerance of ±1.
Please note that there is a great difference between min interpass temperature and Max interpass temperature.
Don’t mess it up together.

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I agreed with you on that.
Should cross check by tempil and thermalmeter.

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Bien Most of the people have a doubt about what is interpass temperature and where it shall be measured.
The min interpass and Max interpass

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