Material origin

if the project specs specify origin of material to be western European
We ordered the material from a well known french company vallourec
And when reviewing the material certificate found out to be fabricated in brazil in vallourec factory there should we consider the material to be European or not??

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If the project specification says so you have to follow the specification.
Its the origin of the material mattes not the supplier .Since your material is not from Western Europe (I dont think brasil is in Western Europe) and your project specification says so better consult the client and raise an NCR.

We faced your problems and recommends to fix it:

  1. Double check project specifications whether correct or not? These material to be subjected to fabrcation which drawings, services, other required in piping classification. Re-check MOM and Purchase Order whether required or not?
  2. Request vendor re-supply as PO.
  3. Prepare the TQ for Client approval and issue NCR with corrective actions - maybe retest material.
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