Material grouping of base metal and filler metal

ASME IX – Base metal

  • Table QW/QB-422 listed an assigned P-Number and Group Number.
  • Base metal qualification for WPS, see QW-424.1.
  • Base metal qualification for welder or welding operator, see QW-413.1.
  • Requesting P-Number assignments for base metal not listed in Table QW/QB-422, see Appendix J in this code.
  • Acceptable ASTM edition, Non-ASTM edition, ASME, see Appendix II and Table II-200-1 of ASME Part II A (SA-451 to End).
  • Guide to use of U.S Customary and SI units to determine thickness of pipe metal, see Appendix G in this code.

ASME IX – Filler metal

  • Grouping of electrode and welding electrodes, see Table QW-432.
  • F-Number: see QW-433 – Alternative F-number for welder performance qualification.
  • A-Number determine in Table QW-442.


  • Beginner also refer to welding handbook of manufacturer to find an A-number, F-Number (e.g. Lincoln handbook – consumable catalog here).

API Standard 1104 – Base metal

  • Grouping base metal, see

API Standard 1104 – Filler metal

  • Filler metal groups, see Table 1.

AWS D1.1 – Base metal

  • Table 3.1 – Approved base metal
  • Table 4.8 and Table 4.9 – Listed material in PQR qualification.

AWS D1.1 – Filler metal

  • Table 3.2 – Filler metal for matching strength.
  • Table 4.9 – Filler metal requiring in PQR

BS EN ISO 15614-1 – Base metal

  • Parent material grouping, see Table 5 and Table 6.
  • Material grouping system
  1. ISO/TR 15608 – guidelines for a metallic material grouping system.
  2. ISO/TR 20172 – European materials.
  3. ISO/TR 20173 – American materials.
  4. ISO/TR 20174 – Japanese materials.
  5. Parent material used in a qualified test of welder performance, to suitable material from group 1 to 11 in ISO/TR 15608.

BS EN ISO 15614-1 – Filler metal

  • Filler metal group, see section 8.4.4 and Table A.1
  • A-Number determine in Table A.2.
  • Welder qualification of filler material grouping, see Section 5.5 and Table 2 to Table 5 of BS EN ISO 9606.
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