ISO EN 15614 butt weld qualify all type of joint

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I have a question regarding butt weld qualify all type of joint according to 8.4.3 in 15614. For example , my test piece is as follows:-

thickness: 15mm
type of weld: butt weld
type of joint: butt joint
process: FCAW (132)
Penetration: Full

My plan is to qualify the test piece for both butt weld and fillet weld according to the clause below
type of joint
In b) , it is stated clearly that my test piece can qualify for both butt and fillet weld at any type of joint.

What i don’t understand is the statement in a) . Does it mean if I want to use T-joint, i still need to have additional test piece to qualify T-joint welding?

My second question is, If i qualify fillet weld via butt weld test, should i take the the thickness range as highlighted in table 8? and my throat thickness should be no restriction.

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In my opinion

First question:

Section 8.4.3 (c ) - level 2:
The first para. statement so clear " butt welds qualify full andpartial penetation butt welds and fillet welds " .
The second statement " while fillet weld tests …". In my opinion, this require a mockup test for T-joint in fillet weld or/and partial penetration butt joint (compoun weld).

Conclusion: one test piece in butt weld may cover T joint in fillet or/and butt joint, also consider thickness of qualification and Section 8.4.e (d).
Test Piece

Second question:

Range of qualificaiton for parent material based on Table 8 and throat thickness is deposited metal thickness.

Example ,qualified thickness t=8 mm in butt weld with full single process (TIG), so the throat thickness qualification max. is 8 mm and parent metal thickness qualify 3 - 16 mm for fillet welds.

Topic noted.

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Thank you Bien. You’ve been a great help!

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could you please tell me in which Standard Aboe Table 7 and Table 8 is exist. Thanks

as mentioned in the title.

Hi all, I always thought you could only get a fillet Weld from a butt Weld by a single sided beval with a backing strip in plate