Impact Test requirements ASME B31.3

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My query has below.

Help me to prepare pWPS.

Process : GTAW +SMAW

Material : P.No - 5B

ASTM A335 Grade P9.
Pipe Size - 16" Sch-60.
Thickness: 16.66 mm
Thickness range: 5mm to 33.32 mm
According to ASME B31.3 Table 323.3.1 shall I required an Impact for the above-mentioned thickness and material.
As per my knowledge, the above 25 mm impact test would be required.
How I can find according to line class where impact test required or not.
If a minus 29° C impact test not required for LAS.

When we shall consider the impact test exemption.

And regarding consumable if I use ER90S-B3 ok or shall I use ER80S-B3 because my client suggest me to use ER80S-B3 please clarify way?

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What is your design temperature?

Impact test requirement: Have you gone through ASME B 31.3? Please read Chapter III-Materials

Welding Consumable: You may refer Table A.1 from API RP 582 or Table D.1 form API RP 577


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