Impact test for disimilar joint metal

ISO 15614-1 2017 Section 7.4.4 - Impact test.

For dissimilar joint metal, impact tests shall be carried out on specimens from HAZ in each parent metal and the obsorbed energy shall be in accordance with the appropriate parent material standard.

How many test specimens subject to test for joint mateiral A312 TP316 to A333 Gr.6?


In general I am not specifying any code you should have at least 4 specimens required.

Two from weld metal and two from heat affected zone of each material.

Seven sets WM, 4 FL, 2 BM

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In accordance with BS EN ISO 15614-1, we should conduct at least 4 locations of weld metal, fusion line, fusion line + 2 mm and base metal.

  • On material A333 Gr. 6 side need 4 sets at wm, fl, fl+2 mm and bs.
  • On material A333 Gr. 6 side need 3 sets at fl, fl+2 mm and bs.

Please check in construction code, base material type 316 may not require impact test at min. design temperature - 104 degree C and warmer. Refer to ASME B31.3 Para. 323.2.2 (j).