Identification of P-Number, F-Number and A-Number in welding procedure and welder qualifaction

Update accordance with ASME BPVC Section IX 2017.

  • For base metal are assigned in QW-420 - base metal grouping and table QW-422
    + P-Number
    + Gr-Number

  • For filler metal are assigned in QW-430 and table QW-432, QW-442
    + F-Number
    + A-Number

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Grouping of base metal

  • P-Number are assigned to base metal for purpose of reducing the number of welding procedure.
  • Gr-Number are grouped a min. specified tensile.

Grouping of filler metal

  • F-number are grouped welding electrode and welding rode.
  • A-Number is a classification of ferrous weld metal analysis.