How to interpret ASME Section IX?

Dear experts , how to interpret ASME SEC 1X ?? how can we know about the group # against P NUMBER?? How can we know the base metal qualifications alternately and F NUMBERS???

Please correct you tile : ASME Section IX
Your question is not easy to answer how to guide the best way. You may start from WPS and welder qualification or join training course AWS CWI.

P-Number means an assigned metal, see in QW-422.
F-Number means filler metal, see in Table QW-432.

If you want to prepare a WPS, refer the topic Simply to prepare a WPS and review PQR in ASME IX

ok, but i want to know how can i know that p-number 8 is in which group number? and how can i select a filler metal for particular base metal?? these are only questions to understanding

In Table QW-422, next to P-Number column is Gr-number. You refer specified material first.
Unassigned metal, group number do not show there.

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Let suppose i have a material A 106 Seamless pipe so how i will know its P-number & Group number?? and also how i will select a filler metal for a particular material??

Look in Table QW-422, find material A/SA-106.
There are 3 grade A/B/C, select on grade.

Note: ASTM A106 only cover seamless pipe.

Above photo, ASTM A106 grade A/B fall Gr-no. 1; grade C fall Gr-no. 2.
Filler metal selection should refer to API RP 582 Annex A: Table A.1 and A.2.

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OK i got it.
and how can we determine the percentage of a particular joint?? means 5 %, 10% and 100% etc.
please guide

NDT percentage, You must refer to project specification, drawings or NDT requirement.
Almost found in approved drawings

ok. thanks.
but is there any code which refers the required percentage of the weld joint as per service or thickness or anything else???

Piping: ASME B31.1; B31.3
Structure: D1.1; D1.2; D1.6
Vessel: ASME I; VIII

These specification for reference, NDE percentage shall select by engineering.

what is 100% , 10 %, spot and random radiography please explain.

you must find in specific standard which your product build.

According to ASME B31.3, please look at 344.1.3 Definitions.

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