How to identify a fake MTC type 3.2

Common mistake in MTC type 3.2:

  1. Missing one of “customer name”, “customer number” or “purchase order”, “address”, “date of issue”, “shipper”, “purchaser”, “distenation”, ” certificate number”, “location”. In case of MTC verification, we are unable to trace in manufacturer data and in Surveyor report.
  2. Test samples were missed details of sample number, size, dimension, location of test.
  3. Plate marking or MTC shall not be identified the sequence plate number and heat number, test sample number,
  4. The identification stamping were not used low-stress (dot-, vibratory-, and round V-) stamps
  5. Orignal markings were miss special stamp/stencile of rule requirements.
  6. Vendor supplies a scanned MTC with black/white color in lieu of full color/ dully stamped by Surveyor.

Follow sample marking photos are comply with MTC.

(Orignal markings)

(Red highlight should verify in MTC)

(Stamped markings are clearly identified by low stress stamps).

(Other markings to easy trace material, in case of stack up material)

(Surveyor verification)

How to avoid fake MTC type 3.2

  1. Send the MTC to manufacturer or Surveyor for verification. If material had certified type 3.2, it shall be fully facility to trace test report by Manufacturer/Surveyor.
  2. Both verification of MTC and orignal marking before ordering.

(dully stamped by surveyor)

Which information should submit to manufacture and surveyor for verification?

  1. Orignal markings photo,
  2. True cerified copy of MTC.
  3. Purchase order number.

Sample photo of a fake MTC and its orignal marking (for reference).

(orignal marking are not comply manufacturer and rules)

(remarking information)

(Vendor supply a scanned MTC with black/white color only).

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Should check a scanned color right?

Yes, that is my recommendation to prevent a fake MTC.

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How to trace DNVGL’s surveyor report?

Please send photo, copy of MTC, PO to DNVGL for verication.
DNV Contact point: