How can inspection oxygen concentration when welding SS

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Can anybody help me that how can measure remaining oxygen concentration when Welding for SS? and How many to acceptance criteria - follow WPS or Code ? Thank you.

follow this instruction Which material are required back purging for GTAW?.

Refer specififcation:

  1. NORSOK standard M-601 Annex B, Acceptable oxidations of welds in stainless steels
  2. API RP 582 : 2016, see Section 7.

Thank for your reply, but my mean is when using backing gas to take out oxygen for welding piping SS. How to know oxygen has come out complete ?

Back purging argon or helium to remove oxygen (inside).

  1. If argon should be inert from the bottom and opening ventilation on top, follow rate approximately 12-18 l/min. Cover by tape or other suitable protection.
  2. Purging gas untill oxygen content inside less than 0.2% ( API RP 582, para. 6.5.7 required 0.5% oxygen content), measure at the top by Purgeye-100.
  3. Start to weld.
  4. Purging gas should be maintenied up to 6 - 8 mm of the deposited weld thickness.

Requirement recommend to use: Weld Purge Monitors®


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Can you share me the API RP 582 code? Thanks.

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Find it from IHS or Techstreet.