Heating & cooling Rate of PWHT

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“PWHT heating and cooling rates > 316°C shall not exceed 222°C/hr. ÷ weld thickness in inches, but in no case > 222°C/hr”
56" dia 32mm wall thickness Tem range 595c to 649c

In general PWHT is only required for carbon steel material if the weld thickness>38mm .
In between 32 and 38 mm of weld thickness if u maintain a preheat of 95C u dont need any PWHT for Pno1 materials.
Every organization has their own procedure for PWHT that stays within the restrictions of UW-40 of ASME section 8 div1.

For example one company has a procedure for PWHT like this.
Loading temp:300
Rate of heating-100c/hr max

U can’t go beyond 222c/hr on heating rate and 280c/hr on cooling but u can use the temp range within this limits.
And rate of heating and cooling shall not lower than 55c/hr.

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To easy understand, please see chart speed.


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