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Step 1: Click sign up at top right:

Step 2: Sign up by email , google mail , facebook and twitter .

Step 3: Check your emailbox and then active an account (email confirmation may be placed in junk/spam folder).

Video instruction:

Guide to sign up an account in the welding inspections community

Step 4: Login in the WIC to click enable notification.

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Click new topic

Write a topic

  1. Title of topic
  2. Selection categogy
  3. Write your contents / questions
  4. Published topic by click “Creat Topic”.

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Click “reply” at the bottom of topic, and writte your reply.

Sharing topic

PC Screen

  1. Select WIC-chain near reply bottom.

  1. Select either share on twitter, facebook or email.

Mobile Screen

  1. Select Topic Control bottom.

  2. Select either Share link.

  3. Copy link share on Twitter, Facebook or Email.

  4. You may directly share via email.


Click to bookmark bottom at the end of topic.


Click to Normal bottom at the end of tiopic

Select Watching to see every new update in this topic.


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