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[INDIA] Inspection, Field & Desk Expediting

Following is our Responsibilities:-
 Witnessed of Material identification of pressure parts, Non pressure parts and bought out items inspection as per ASME Section II Part A & B.
 Reviewed of material test certificates per ASME Section II Part A & B, Project specification & Drawing requirement.
 Stage wise & Final inspection of pressure vessel, Heat exchanger, Reactor, Condeser as per ASME Sec- VIII Div-1.
 Witnessed of pressure test (Hydrostatic & Pneumatic test) as per ASME SEC-VIII, DIV-1, UG-99 & UG-100.
 Witnessed of final dimension inspection.
 Witnessed of Weld visual & weld edge DP examination.
 Reviewed of radiography films.
 Witnessed of Positive material identification & Ferrite number Inspection for austenitic stainless steel.
 Witnessed of running trial test i.e. Alignment, Current, RPM, Vibration & Temperature of glass lining reactor.
 Witnessed of Glass lining inspection i.e. Inside Visual for surface defect, Spark test & Lining thickness.
 Witnessed of Open structure steel visual, final dimension, Trial assembly inspection.
 Reviewed of NDT, Hydro test, Pneumatic test, Painting inspection procedure with reference to code & project specification.
 Reviewed of calibration records.
 Witnessed of blasting and painting inspection of Pressure vessel & Structure steel material with reference to approved procedure & Project specification.
 Coordinating with contractors.
 Coordinating with Purchase Department for procuring materials.
 Field & Desk Expediting & Co-ordination with client/Vendor.
 Review of BOM submitted by consultant/preparing Bulk Item BOM from consultant drawing.
 PR, PO and tracking material receipt status.
 Quality inspection at site and vendor site.
 Resolve all problem related to site like PSSR, Stop work Etc.
 Resolve all site issues like Civil, Mecanical work & Safety related concern.

[China] Inspector of merchandise XIAMEN,

Project Description

I need a freelance inspector to perform inspection of merchandise in XIAMEN, CHINA. basic english. No previous experience needed. Only to have a Photo Camara with at least 16 MPX and internet access. The inspector will visit the warehouse or factory of one of our suppliers and reviewing the merchandise that will be shipped based on an operations manual that we will be providing. After performing the inspection the photos have to be to uploaded in a website platform and prepare a simple report. For each inspection performed (each container) the amount of 45 will be paid.


Requirement :

Must have completed an engineering apprenticeship, (mechanical preferred)
Have a minimum qualification of Technician Level certificate with 8 years’
Experience in maintenance and construction in the oil and gas industry including 5 years in a supervisory capacity in an offshore environment.

Job Detail :

Job Available : 8 Pax
He must also be aware of the requirements of the hazardous area classifications.
He/She must be able to read and understand drawing and specifications and be fully familiar with all piping fittings and components including piping materials and pressure classifications.
He must be conversant with oil fiend and construction terminology.
He/She should have a good appreciation of all relative International Standards and Codes of Practice in addition to COMPANY specifications.
He/She shall fully familiar with the BSP Permit procedure including online permit system.
He/She shall be skilled on Computer and able to read, write and speak English.

Salary :

BND$65.00 per day

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