Freelance Inspector >>> guide to set-up profiles (full)

:mailbox: Email

I recommend to use free secure mails:

:star2:TIPS: your email should creat with your name first such [email protected] (example: [email protected] ). DON’T creat an email like[email protected].

OPTION: If you want to use a custom domain (like [email protected]), point to the hosting servers of Office 365 Business Essentials or Googel G-Suite.

:email: We are sharing 1000 mailboxes under domain name If you want to get it free at here.

:email: Set-up Gmail

:email: Outlook mail

  • Sign-up email (either select or
  • Update your profile, here.
  • Update contact info, here.

:email: Custom domain’s email

If you want to make your email under custom domain, I recommend to get it at provider or To get a new domain name, you need an debit/credit account to verify payment.

Step to be followed:

  • Sign up an account.
  • Register new domain name and verify your domain.
  • Confirmation your domain,
  • Update Nameservers (NS), recommend point it to cloudflare, read more Namecheap instruction or Godaddy instruction. You may face problem in this step and need support, please send us email to support here.
  • Verified Nameservers.

Sign-up email hosting server

We recommend to use one of two hosting servers [PAID] or Yandex Server [FREE]

Guideline to set-up:

(30 minutes to set-up completion, if you want to support set-up your domain, please email to us and support via Teamviewer).

Notes: If you want to build custom domain for company, the hosting server should be pointed to Office 365 or G-Suite.

Social profiles


Set-up new Linkedin account

  1. Sign-up here.

  2. Filling your email and strong password. (If you got an account, ignore step 1 to step 7) > Click “Agree & Join”, or alternative sign-up by Facebook > Click “Continue with Facebook

  3. Next, Filling your name > Click “Continue”. Linkedin may ask Security verification = I’m not robot > verified.

  4. Next, filling profile location: your region and postal code > Click “Next

  5. Continuing update your profile > Click “Continue

    • Job title: posting job.
    • Recent company: Welding Inspection Community
  6. Next, check your mailbox to confirm your account by click “Agree & Confirm your email” or enter code.

  7. Waiting 10 seconds to load your Linkedin’s dashboard.

  8. Update your profile at To edit your custom URL as below photo. Change your permanent link like my linkedin link:

  1. Next, update cover and avatar photo. If you are not familiar with Photoshop, you may make it easy with and then reduce this photo by

  2. Continuing updates:

  • Headline,
  • Current position,
  • Industry …
  • Contact info (!!! important),
  • Add website, blog, phone number and address, date of birth, Instant messenger or other email. (Don’t worry, these information may hidden from another follower).
  • Set-up your profile’s publish at right sidebar. If you want to hide all > Turn it off.

Setting and Privacy


  • Select tab “Account” > Login and Security:
  • Email addresses recommend to add one email for backup and prevent lost account.
  • Phone numbers add your phone number to verify change password.
  • Change password recommend to udpate every 06 months.
  • Two-step verification: read more here.
  • If you have more than one account, it may merge into one account here.
  • Other settings may defaut by Linkedin, you may not need to modify them.

:arrow_double_down: Get an app and Install to your phone here.

Set-up companyLinkedin account


Sign up group:
Sign up page:
Update cover page and avatar, post photo with


You can share your Whatsapp’s link in email or linked by click to contact. Here are guide to make URL or instruction here.

To create your own link, use<number> where the <number> is a full phone number in international format

Example format in Vietnam (+84):'m%20interested%20your%20services.

Creat a link including pretext in the box.


I recommend to use free an account to make photo.

  • Make your photo with Photoshop [PAID]
  • Make online with [FREE]
  • Reduce image with [FREE]


  • All avatar: 1024 x 1024 px
  • Other covers may pre-set default by application in site.

Canva [FREE]

  • Sign up a new account with facebook here. A new account need to verify before using, check in your mailbox or spam box.
  • Sign-in > creat a design at left sidebar, input dimension of image > Creat Design.
  • Pick your photo or design new format with and save design.
  • Download image > Click download botton at top right, select format (*.png) and click to download.


Sample resume:

Update your resume should within 2 or 3 pages.

Note: you need an account to download file, read more here.

Update profiles by supporting office 365.

  1. Click Add experience in dashboard > description your position and roles.

  2. Opening MS office – word > Click Review in Robbin bar > Select Resume Assistant.

  3. Select Role and Industry.

  4. Pick examples skill suitable with your roles.

  5. Example 1:

  6. Example 2:


Tips: How to make great Linkedin profile, learn more at



To complete sign-up an account and get money to local bank, we need an bank account. We are recommended to receive money via paypal, payoneer or your checking account.

Most freelancers are using paypal account to verify payment for sign-up, buy something online.



You need an credit/debit card to sign-up and verified paypal account.


Sign up and ear free $25, here.

Checking account

Sign-up an get credit/debit card at local country.
Note: get SWIFT code to verify an account or find this here.


This article for new member would like to make brandname and promote your profiles to your Client. One you can earn money by writing articles or content.

I recommed to build your website in reviewing productions such as welding machines, tools, equipment or marketing online.

  • Review product: Amazon or Udemy,…
  • Marketing online: publish your product or your service such TPI, freelance job,…

I recommend to sign up your domain at and

Then point this domain to the hosting server. I recommend to build your website with wordpress source. This stage may have problem with you at the first time.

Nameserver of your domain should point to with Namecheap instruction or Godaddy instruction.

Note: Don’t buy domain and hosting the same provider.

Reference sites:


Embed link to office or website

Get any link from linked, facebook, website or make yourself bussiness Whatsapp link.
Office: select word “OFFICE” > Click tab “INSERT” > Click "INSERT LINK…> paste above URL link to Address box > OK.

Linkedin: creat a new article
Filling the tile, cover article and content of article.
Next, selection of word “here” > Click :chains: symbol at the tool bar > Click “Apply”.

To minimize your attached file in CV, embed link in office is better way. It is easy to set-up by upload your file in google drive or onedrive. Next to make a link by sharing files. Get this link and then embed to you word file.