FCAW welder qualification (ASME IX)

How did anybody review FCAW welder as per ASME IX 2017 ?

Most certificates found that do not meet QW-304, which they had performed RT test in lieu of mechanical test (bending test).

QW-304 states …welder may be qualified by volumne NDE per QW-191 when making a groove weld using SMAW, SAW, GTAW, PAW, GMAW (except short circuiting…

:stop_sign: Not mentioned in FCAW welding process!

How to correct it?

Retest to update the certificate.

Qualification on test coupon or weld production?

On test coupon, 2 bending test specimens shall subject to test.

Thickness and diameter of test coupon?

See Table 452.2 a) and b); Table 452.3
Test coupon recommend NPS 8" 12.7 mm and greater 12.7 mm.

Interpretation: IX-10-03
Subject: QW-304 & QW-355 - FCAW
Date Issued: August 18, 2009
File No: 09-1012

Question (1): May radiographic examination meeting the requirements of QW-304 be used to qualify a welder using the Flux-Cored Arc Welding (FCAW) process, provided the transfer mode is not the short circuiting mode?

Reply (1): Yes.

Latest edition changed in new edition without FCAW process.
You can find QW-304 in the current edition (ASME Section IX 2017).

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Thanks for the update bien

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