FCAW Weaving Width

What is max.Allowable FCAW Welding Weaving Width .Any Standard Mention.

Your question points to heat input determine in QW-409.1 c) of ASME BPV IX.

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Please detail actual width of weld bead in PQR recorded.
If mechanical test passed, WPS will qualify to make a product weld.


Qatar petrolium standard have below required for your information:

The maximum permitted bead widths for SMAW and SAW welding shall be:
SMAW - 2.5 to 3 times the core diameter of the electrode.
SAW - 7 times the diameter of the filler wire.

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Any additional heat input values?

Yes, of couse, the heat Input shall be within the range accordance with WPS!

Any change in the electrode diameter or weave width beyond that used in
the qualification test or a change in any other parameter likely to increase
heat input or decrease toughness.

This was not mentioned in ASME IX/ AWS D1.1.
Other specifications given to control of welding quality.

Please advise heat input values and limitations of FCAW process when we make a product weld.

Maximum 3.5 KJ