Failure of material and welds in bend test

Dear All,
What is the reason of failure of material and welds in bend test.
suppose increase in hardness,chemical composition not matching etc

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Too many reasons of failure in guided bend test of base metals/weld metal test which may be occurred internal defects such lack of fusion, porosity, lamination… Most found on unpured material or internal imperfections.

There are a guide for you:

  • If your are running PQR acc. with ASME IX, please refer to QW-163
  • If you are upgrading material of carbon steel pipe ASTM A106B, please refer to para. 11 of this spec. or para. 9.2 of ASTM A530.

You need to clear a question for which material, your PQR material found failure.

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Could you show a photo of failure?

Thankyou all,
I am just asking general question that when we qualify pqr ,many lab test report tell that bend test is failed.this happens in case of MS, Ss.hardox plate etc.

I just want list of technical reasons which cause failure in bend test in weld test.

suppose improoer diameter of bendt test setup also may fail the test.

chemical composition also can fail the test
heat input can also fail test and so on.

I want some experienced reasons from all experts .

Thanks in advance