F numbers for welder qualification AWS D1.1

AWS D1.1 lists “F” Numbers for SMAW Only (Ref Table 6.13) The concept behind this to indicate the ease of use of the various SMAW electrodes classification by welders.
Ie.,For welder qualification Table 6.12 statement 2 “To an SMAW electrode with an F-number higher than the WPQR electrode F number requires requalification”
simply points that an E7024 electrode which is an F number 1 is easier to weld than a 7018 electrode which is an F no:4 electrode.
Ie.,if the welder is qualified with an F number 4 electrode then he is qualified to weld lower F number electrodes(Remember deletion of backing is an essential variable for welder qualification)


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If posible, can you update latest edition AWS D1.1 2020.

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Yes Bien .