EN 10025-2 - Material inspection


Updated: EN10025 part 2 to part 6 2019 published.

Hot rolled products of structural steels

  • Part 1: General technical delivery conditions.
  • Part 2: Technical delivery conditions for non-alloy structural steels.
  • Part 3: Technical delivery conditions for normalized/normalized rolled weldable fine grain structural steels.
  • Part 4: Technical delivery conditions for thermomechanical rolled weldable fine grain structural steels.
  • Part 5: Technical delivery conditions for structural steels with improved atmospheric corrosion resistance.
  • Part 6: Technical delivery conditions for flat products of high yield strength structural steels in the quenched and tempered condition.

Review MTC and verification

Example for steel plate EN 10025-2 2004 S355K2+M Modified.


  • Structural hollow section and tube are not cover in this specification, see EN 10219 or EN 10210.
  • Product made of steel grades S185, E295, E333, E360 can not be CE marked.
  • Manufacturer should qualify ISO 9001 or CE marks.

Step to step review and verification

The following statement should not mistake during review the MTC.

Steel processor/ manufacturer

Company made the production.

Verified in MTC: Nippon steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

Type of document


  • Specification number and year of edition: EN 10025-2 2004.
  • Size: plate 25 mm, tolerance see EN 10029.
  • Weight: see section 7.7.2 in EN 10025-1.
  • Grade number: S355K2.
  • Steel making process: full killed steel and fine grain practice, see more in section 6.2.
  • Delivery condition: +M (TMCP), see definition in section 3.0 and 6.3 of EN 10025-2.
  • Heat number or cast number: 47431824.
  • Plate number: 415814201-4.

Chemical compositions

See table 2 to table 5 of EN 10025-2.

  • Ladle analysis: L = ladle, see note 7 in MTC. Its value need to cross check and compare with table 2 of EN 10025-2.
  • Maximum carbon equivalent, CE = 0.35%, meet Table 6 of EN 10025-2 (max. 0.45 %).

Mechanical test

See Table 7 to table 9 of EN 10025-2.

  • Ladle test: test piece from cast, see note 1 in MTC
  • Sampling test: T = top position, C = Crosswise, see note 2 & 3 in MTC, also section 8.3.1 of EN 10025-2

Test units, see EN 10002-1.

  • Minimum yield strength: Y.P = Upper Yield Point, see note 5 in MTC or table 7 of EN 10025-2.
  • Tensile test: T.S = Tensile strength, see table 7 of EN 10025-2.

(t) direction transverse, see note a) in table 7.
(l) direction parallel, see note a) in table 7.

  • Elongation %: min. percentage of elongation after fracture, see table 7.

L = 5.65 x Square root of So, for nominal thickness equal to or greater 3 mm.
(t) direction transverse, see note a) in table 7.
(l) direction parallel, see note a) in table 7.

  • Location of samples and test pieces, see Annex A of EN 10025-1 2006.

Impact test, see EN 10045-1.

  • Location, T = top position, see note 2 in MTC; L = Lengthwise, see note 3 in MTC.
  • Size: “2” = 2mm V, 10mm full section, see note 10 in MTC.
  • Temperature: -20 Deg. C 40J for S355K2, see table 9 in EN 10025-2.

Visual and dimensional inspection

Good, see note 9 in MTC.

Other tests

It should be verified in the MTC.

  • Ultrasonic test is not applicable, see note 8 in MTC.
  • Z quality test is not applicable.

Inspection documents

Documents are specified in EN 10204.



Dear All,

I need your help. I have to review one MTC of material BS EN 10025 : 2004 S275JR+AR. Material Size – 30 mm WT.

Y.S min. 275 MPa
JR: not required CVN.
Almost may you follow my instruction.
Important: Plate 30 mm thickness may required UT lamination.