Electrode designation - WPS & PQR

1.Do we need to mention the full Electrode designation as in MTC while preparing WPS & PQR. Recently we qualified Procedure for SMAW & FCAW. In the PQR, third party lab mentioned complete filler wire designation (Ex. E71T1-C1A0-CS1-H8). can i write in the WPS only E71T-1C. Another case is E7018-H4R in PQR, can we write this as E7018 in WPS.

Your FCAW electrode specification is in accordance with SFA 5.36 .
That’s why the third party mention the filler wire designation like that.
It’s the newly added specification for FCAW electrodes for CS

Ok. Do I need to write the same in wps or can I write E71T-1C

Have you notice how each specification designate the filler metal in the attached figure.
E71T-1C SFA 5.18
E 71T1-CA SFA 5.36
if your filler metal batch certificate shows it belongs to SFA 5.36 then you have to mention the filler metal classification in accordance with the specification ie., E71T1-C1A0-CS1

2 notes should consider in AWS D1.1 2020

  1. Table 6.5 - PQR Essential Variables
    • Consider line (4) and (21).
  2. Table 6.7 - PQR Supplementary Essential Variables
    • Consider line (3).

My opinion:
If procedure not required CVN, Table 6.5 shall apply, you can state electrode class E71T-1C or E71T1-C1A0-CS1

If CVN requirement in PQR, Table 6.7 line (3) shall apply.

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Yes in both Codes ASME &AWS electrode classification is a supplemental requirement .

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Thank you very much…

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