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could you elaborate what is the hybrid welding definition?
my answer is C. We developing the Orbital TIG welding with hot wire and the result is very high deposition. It is not just theory.

Answer B) It helps in arc initiation

My answer also B as noted in the student book.
Better one to ask your Lecturer.

ASME IX 2019 _ definition: hybrid welding: welding in which two or more welding processes are used in the same weld pool.

By which of the following welding processes can autogenous welding NOT be achieved?
B) Plasma
C) Oxy-fuel gas welding
D) SAW (Answer)

Is that true answer?

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Yes,answer D

Thanks @Bien

What is duty cycle?
A) A productivity value given as the % of time a conductor can carry a current (ANSWER)
B) A safety value as the % of time a conductor can carry a current
C) A quality value given as the % of time a conductor can carry a current
D) The percentage (%) of arc time in a time span

A is the answer?

  1. Why is it essential to clean the surrounding parent metal adjacent to the weld metal made by
    MMA(SMAW) which is to be ultrasonically tested?
    A) Sound waves will not travel through paint
    B) Remove any rust.
    C) The spatter will impede the contact of the probe and the parent material surface. (ANSWER)
    D) Spatter will reflect the backwall echo signal and give spurious indications.

C is the answer, is it true?

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Find around you may find an answer.

C is right answere, weld bead is deep and narrow can be produce sulfur trapped at center line of the weld.


It my also be minimized by adding elements called stabilizer, these my be?
a. Vanadium / titanium
b. Titanium / nobium
C. Nobium / vanadium
D. Vanadium / titanium / nobium

My answere ia B

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The temperature at which this compound is formed is in the range…

A. 350-550°C
B. 550-800°C
C. 800-1050°C
D. 1050-1500°C

I don’t understand this question please help me

Hot forming to size such fittings or head.

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Would you consider using a 5mm electrode for vertical up root runs in a 6G (HL045) fixed position pipe?
a) Yes, it is compatible
b) Yes but this would depend upon the welder skill
c) No, it is not the most suitable electrode coating type
d) No, the electrode should have been smaller in diameter.

can help me for answer this question…

When examining a completed bend test, the angle of the bend was found to be 185°. The testing specification calls for the sample to have been formed through 180°.
a) They should be acceptable as the standard refers to minimum forming angle.
b) The bends should be considered as failed
c) New bends should be produced and bent to180° then re-examined.
d) They should be rejected as the angle is not close enough to be acceptable.

Best answer A.
The question stated 175 deg. not 185 deg. due to material spring back.

Many thanks bien, your answere is help full

It mean the electrode bigger than root gap?

B, because It is welding procedure test. we can choose anyone (welder) to carry out

@Phu_Phuoc, follow the question >>> Only qualified welder to assign.

Not that, easy to understanding - small electrode for lower voltage and amperage.