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Weldments in carbon-manganese steels, made by low heat input welding may…

Too many questions as about heat input, anybody can share more your experiences?

HI formular = AxV / (1000xTS).

A: amperage
V: Voltage
TS: Travel speed

To answer: Low heat input > Increased TS (faster) > lack of fusion, string bead, high hardness, …


Yes, heat input is mainly influenced by the travel speed.

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Why steel have CE of 0.45 are required preheating?

please help a spec for reference.

Avoid cold cracking. The preheating temperature, carbon equivalents, combined thickness, hydrogen scales, heat input refer to FIGURE C.2 in EN 1011 part 2 current edition.

May I have a sp3c? Please share.

Please get latest edition here.

What is a stabilized stainless steel?

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Why a long centerline crack mostly occur in a submerged arc weld process?

Solidification cracks may appear when the weld is deep and narrow.

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Low carbon austenitic stainless steel type such 316L, 304L.
During review MTC, we found dual grades 316/316L

Acc. to AWS D1.6 is defined into 2 groups.

  • Type 316: group B, YS. 175 MPa
  • Type 316L: group A, YS. 205 MPa.
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What would the effect be if the polarity were changed from DC+ve to DC-ve?

  1. None
  2. Greater deposition rate
  3. Greater penetration
  4. Less deposition rate

Which NDE method is it possible to detect both surface and slight sub-surface detect up to 2mm below the surface?

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Which of the following defects are unlikely to be detected by normal radiographic techniques?

  1. Inter-granular corrosion cracking
  2. Porosity
  3. Slag
  4. Lack of penetration
  5. Planer defects

Why inspection for hydrogen cracking is often specified to be done between 48 to 75 hours after completion of the weld, this is because?

Which is the following would require the highest preheat if all other factor were the same as per ISO BS EN 1011? and why?

  • MMA weld with cellulose electrodes
  • MMA weld with rutile electrodes
  • MMA weld with basic electrodes
  • MAG weld with solid wire

MT, Direct Current

read more: https://www.nde-ed.org/EducationResources/CommunityCollege/MagParticle/Physics/MagnetizingCurrent.htm

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