D1.1 2015 prepare pWPS notes

AWS D1.1 2015 edition given the details of test coupon in pipe should prepare in your PQRs (SMAW, group II).


  1. Qualified 6GR qualify all position, see Figure 9.25 & Figure 9.26

  2. Min. 2 test coupon qualify material thickness from 3-unlimited, see table 9.10.

  3. Base metal as instruction in base metal selection.

In case of, CVN requirement for welding procedure, above test coupons also complied with Table 4.6 line 2.

  • Minimum thickness qualified is T or 5/8 in [16 mm] whichever is less, except if T is less than 1/4 in [6 mm], then the minimum thickness qualified is 1/8 in [3 mm].

Recommend qualify a single process in a test coupon, instead of multible process in a test coupon. You shall not delete or omission a welding process in a product weld. See Table 4.5 line 34.

  • The omission, but not inclusion, of backing or backgouging

Also double check a interpretation Qualification of Multiple Welding Processes.

If a PQR exists which satisfies all requirements except for CVN testing, it shall be
necessary only to prepare an additional test weldment with sufficient material to provide the required CVN test specimens. See Subclause 4.27.3.