CSWIP 3.1 Multiple Choice Paper 6

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  1. The type of SAW flux is more resistance to moisture absorption:
    A) Fused
    B) Agglomerated
    C) Basic
    D) All of about the same resistance

  2. A common gas mixture used in process 131 welding nickel alloys to combine good levels of penetration with good arc stability would be:
    A) 100% CO2
    B) 100% argon
    C) 80% argon 20% CO2
    D) 98% argon 2% oxygen

  3. A high level of surface cleaning is important prior to penetrant testing in order to
    A) Reduce the amount of penetrant used.
    B) Reduce the level of false indications.
    C) Ensure a good bond for the developer
    D) Improve the viscosity of the penetrant

  4. A typical minimum OCV requirement for MMA(111) using either rutile or cellulosic electrode would be;
    A) 40 Volts
    B) 120 Volts
    C) 100 Volts
    D) 50 Volts

  5. The main problem with solution treatment of stainless steel is that
    A) Controlling the rate of the temperature rise
    B) Controlling the cooling rate
    C) The length of the “soak” period
    D) High risk of distortion

  6. An advantage of the 111 process is that it
    A) Has higher current density than SAW (121) welding
    B) Has a very is large of consumables for most welding applications
    C) No core wire is lost during the process
    D) Requires a lower skill level than other manual forms of welding

  7. While inspecting a weld on a 100mm thick carbon steel plate with a tolerance of ±5mm you notice the weld is visually acceptable, however the parent material has several arc strikes present adjacent to the weld approximately 3mm deep, what course of action would you like?
    A) None I am only inspecting the weld
    B) Recommend that the area be dressed smooth
    C) Recommend that the area be dressed smooth by MPI
    D) High carbon steel is not susceptible to cracking so I would weld over the arc strikes then blend them

  8. When reviewing a radiograph of a weld made by the MAG(GMAW) process, you notice a very bright white inclusion in the weld, which of the following best describes this indication:
    A) Tungsten inclusion
    B) Spatter on the cap
    C) Copper inclusion
    D) It is most likely to be a film mark

  9. What unit of measurement is used for Charpy impact testing?
    A) Joules
    B) Nmm²
    C) KJ
    D) VPN

  10. Which of the following commonly used radioactive isotopes has the longest half life?
    A) Iridium 192
    B) Cobalt 60
    C) Thulium 170
    D) Ytterblum 169

  11. Which process uses a constant current electrical characteristic
    A) 131
    B) 111
    C) 136
    D) All processes use this

  12. Using the MMA process, which polarity produces the greatest penetration?
    A) A.C
    B) D.C
    C) D.C+
    D) Depends on electrode size

  13. Which of the following would be most unlikely to be found in a butt welded joint using the conventional radiographic method of NDT?
    A) Linear elongated slag inclusions in the root (wagon tracks)
    B) Burn through
    C) Lack of sidewall fusion
    D) An elongated gas cavity

  14. The welders have increased the voltage on the SAW set, what would be the effect on the weld appearance?
    A) No effect.
    B) The weld width would be narrower.
    C) Penetration will be increased
    D) The weld width would be wider.

  15. Heat input can be altered from the original procedure according to EN 1011, but by new much?
    A) +10%
    B) +20%
    C) +25%
    D) +30%

  16. A maximum interpass temperature is generally given to control
    A) High HAZ hardness
    B) Low HAZ toughness
    C) Lack of inter-run fusion
    D) Excess levels of penetration

  17. When transverse tensile testing a welded joint the excess weld metal is often removed. This action is done to:
    A) Allow the test piece to fit accurately into the equipment
    B) Reduce stress concentrations to the weld toes.
    C) Allow strain gauges to be placed over the weld face area.
    D) Allow weld metal ductility to be measured.

  18. Charpy impact tests show a 50% rough torn surface and a 50% flat crystalline surface after the completed test, this would indicate which type of failure?
    A) Fatigue to brittle.
    B) Ductile to brittle
    C) Ductile with gross yielding
    D) Fatigue to ductile

  19. A STRA test is carried out to determine which of the following?
    A) A quick indication of the weld quality for welder qualification tests
    B) The test results can be used to verity that the material has not been adversely mechanically damaged by the heat during welding
    C) An indication of the material’ elongation properties
    D) An indication of the through thickness ductility (in the Z direction)

  20. Due to the high heating effect in the electrode when TIG welding(141) with AC it is important that a tungsten electrode used for AC welding is:
    A) Ground to a fine vertex angle of <30˚ before welding
    B) Used straight from the packet without any grinding
    C) Lightly ground to a slight chamfer (corners only removed.)
    D) Used without grinding and baked at 300˚C for an hour before use.

  21. An advantage of the SAW process is that:
    A) It can be used in the vertical down (PG) position
    B) Little or no ozone or UV light is produced/emitted
    C) It is not affected by arc blow
    D) It is not prone to solidification cracking

  22. When welding vertically up with the MMA process weaving is sometimes restricted to 2.5 x electrode diameter, this restriction is mainly applied to
    A) Reduce the overall width of the weld
    B) Limit the heat input into the joint
    C) Reduce the number of electrodes used in the joint
    D) Reduce the time required to finish the weld

  23. A post weld heat-treatment may also be of benefit in minimizing the risk of weld decay. This heat treatment would be called:
    A) Stress relief
    B) Normalizing
    C) Quench and Tempering
    D) Solution treatment over 1000˚C

  24. After PWHT, it has been noticed that a repair must be carried out. How should this be done?
    A) With the minimum amount of heat input.
    B) Welded, checked and PWHT again.
    C) Defect removed via non-thermal process then checked.
    D) Welded and allowed to cool in air.

  25. What does the term WPQR mean?
    A) Weld productivity quality review
    B) Weld production quality requirements
    C) welding procedure qualification record
    D) Work production quality review

  26. Which of the following electrode types would produce the lowest of hydrogen?
    A) Cellulose coated electrodes sealed in a tin immediately after manufacture
    B) Basic coated electrodes when baked correctly immediately prior to use
    C) Rutile coated electrodes when dried at 150˚C prior to use
    D) Heavy rutile coated electrodes when dried at 180˚C for 2 hours prior to use

  27. With regards to Lamellar tearing, a buttering layer will:
    A) Improve ductility
    B) Disperse heat
    C) Improve toughness
    D) Improve hardness

  28. Why is it sometimes necessary to preheat the base material before welding?
    A) Remove oil and grease
    B) Remove moisture from the inside of the material.
    C) Prevent the possible risk of cracking
    D) Not required if using cellulosic electrodes, as these will provide enough heat.

  29. What is the recommended minimum range of illumination required by EN Standard for inspection of a welded surface?
    A) 90-120 lux
    B) 150-250 lux
    C) 350-500 lux
    D) 35-50 lux

  30. While making a symbol for a symmetrical fillet weld.
    A) the size does not need not be mentioned.
    B) the length can be mentioned to the left of the symbol
    C) the finish is assumed to be flat.
    D) the broken line can be omitted.

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