CSWIP 3.1 Multiple Choice Paper 12

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  1. Stress can be measured in:
  • N/mm²
  • PSI
  • mm
  • Both a and b
  1. What is a crater pipe?
  • An oval tube
  • Another term for burn through
  • A type of porosity
  • A shrinkage defect
  1. Which standard for welding term and symbols?
  • ISO 15614
  • ISO 5817
  • ISO 2553
  • ISO 2253
  1. How could you accurately measure the root radius of a charpy or Izod specimen?
  • With a machine called shadowgraph
  • With a rule
  • With a vernier caliper
  • With a densitometry
  1. Herringbone porosity is:
  • A particular pattern of porosity
  • Made up of wormholes
  • Made up of piping
  • All the above are correct
  • None of the above
  1. A crack is a weld zone:
  • Is repairable
  • Always results in s cut – out and complete reweld
  • Is acceptable up to 2mm in length
  • May be repaired or cut – out depending on specification requirements.
  1. If the amperage were too low during the welding of a root bead the possible result would be:
  • Lack of penetration
  • Lack of fusion
  • The freezing of the electrode
  • All of the above
  1. Stress acting in the opposite direction of compressive stress is known as:
  • Residual stress
  • Shear stress
  • Hoop stress
  • Tensile stress
  1. Distortion may be affected by:
  • Restraint
  • Heat – input
  • Material properties
  • Material thickness
  • All of the above
  1. Distortion:
  • Is plastic deformation
  • Is elastic deformation
  • Is another term for stress
  • May be elastic or plastic deformation
  • All of the above

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Pls, check again Q1. Stress can be measured in N/mm2 & PSI

thanks @mr.lebienthuy.
You are right, I will correct my answer at https://weldinginspections.net/t/cswip-questions-and-answers/1445

A particular pattern of porosity- suppose this the answer. it pattern of porosity