Create wps low temp

I want create wps low temp a333 gr 6 to a350 LF2 .test coupon 2"sch80…pwht because services condition (liquid ammonia).Please advice

  1. pwht temp
  2. qw407.2 (T & T range) what mean?


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I recommend to methods outlined in NACE SP0472.

T = 620 deg. C

Time and temperature range (T&T): eg. code application such ASME B31.3 - Table 331.1.1 Postweld Heat Treatment

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Specify the construction code that you follows first.

Construction code follow asme 9

On wps form

PWHT (qw407)

Temp range: 595 C-650C
Time range : 1hour/inch ,min 15minutes
Others: ---------------


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section 9 is the reference code ,which construction code that you are using ? ASME B31.3 or Section 8


Construction code asme b31.3

Please check control thickness, maybe different holding time.

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with me, it would ok. I will support you make a WPS and PQR, please contact to me or share you WPS to here for review.
Read more: Welding Procedure Qualification and get free format at Inspection and procedure forms

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I did this WPS for Ammonia liquid. Temperature holding =620oC.
Please take care QW-407.2 also ( I guessed that impact test is required). The requirement of QW-407.2 will effect to Maximum holding times and thickness ranges at WPS.


ASME IX - WPS - GTAW P1G1 TO P1G2.docx (98.5 KB)

I have some highlight in procedure

  • 0.1: ASME Section IX 2019
  • QW-402.1: groove weld, please additional sketch.
  • QW-402.5, -.11: none, this is an essential in table QW-256, please don’t ignore it.
  • QW-403.12: SFA/A 5.18 ER70S-2 or ER70S-6, Client may not accepted if you are designed PQR with electrode class ER70S-G.
  • QW-403.22, -.33, -.50: None.
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can i use filler brand kobelco ER70SG (TGS-1N) ?If not.Why?

I had qualified this electrode, results ok. But this PQR do not accept by other Client due to affix “-G” impact at QW-404.12.
Recommend to run a PQR with ER70S-2/-3 or-6.


In my opinion, it 's okie when you use the same trade name of consumable at WPS

It is better, if you can local source.
I recommend, WPS should minimize detail trade name except impact essential variables, please put electrode classification.

QW403.6 an increase of more than 55C in the max interpass temp record on PQR.
Example: if max interpass have record 120C .on Wps max interpass 120 +55= 175C.

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