Covered electrodes classification

What is the difference between class C3 and class C4 Covered electrodes as per ASME SEC 2C SFA 5.1-PARA 5.3.
Any mechanical testing is required for C3?
any one can brief please?

Lot classification: quantity of consumables.
Mechanical test are defined in SFA 5.1 para. 7 or SFA 5.4 para. 7 requirement.

ASME Sec. IIC, para. 4: A Lot Class is a two character designation consisting of a letter representing the form of the consumable and a number designating how the grouping of a quantity of consumables into a single lot is allowed. The lot class shall be selected by the purchaser from those listed below.

4.3.3 Lot Class C3 The quantity not exceeding 45 000 kg [100 000 lb] of one covered electrode welding consumable classification and size produced under one production schedule as defined in 3.7 from core wire from one heat as defined in 3.4 or controlled chemical composition as defined in 3.5.2, and covering ingredients from
one wet mix as defined in 3.3 or controlled chemical composition as defined in 3.5.1.

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