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**IHS Markit provides engineering standards for Product Design in Print format, PDF format and Online Solution EWB .


Copyright Notice:

Print Format : There is no mention on the Print format regarding Single User License or Net Work License. However, the time to manage the books, to do research on related information, to keep track on the updates manually… should be spent more on the main job - Designing Product and Launching It In Time. Please also take into consideration of the process of delivery & custom clearance whenever you purchase Print Format. For back-ordered item , delivery takes about 3 - 6 weeks . Check with the local authority clearly so that you can prepare the needed documents in time.

Single User License : The material you purchase from IHS Markit is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without license. All items purchased in PDF format are licensed for single-user access only and may not be resold. Posting PDF items to a corporate network or website, or redistribution or reproduction of the content in any way is strictly prohibited without license. Some documents come with Secured PDF format which locked to your computer once you downloaded, and with many restricted functions too. Soon, all PDF formats will also be converted into Secured PDF. Upon audit, there are questions to be answered if there are more than 1 user who use the standard.

Net Work License : With Online Solution EWB Platform, the PDF file comes with Corporate License for multi users. So, it will be legal to share among users, post on your company network, print as many as you need within your company. Besides, our special build-in tools on the platform will assist in using, managing & searching the standards in the most effective way, save time and increase productivity.

I have been working on a project for my client for 2 months. By the time client signed contract, some of his standards have been updated to new revisions, or new amendments. With Online Solution EWB , you will get the updates free of charge whenever there is the updates of the document. Unlike ASME PBVC, most of the standards change without notice.

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