BS EN 13445 series

Unfired pressure vessels standards

The BS EN 13445 series of standards applies to unfired pressure vessels subject to a pressure greater than 0,5 bar gauge but may be used for vessels operating at lower pressures, including vacuum.

Compliance with the BS EN 13445 series can be used to demonstrate compliance with the Pressure Equipment Directive.

BS EN 13445 specifies the requirements for design, construction, inspection and testing of unfired pressure vessels. It defines terms, definitions and symbols applicable to unfired pressure vessels.

BS EN 13445 comprises the following Parts:

  • Part 1: General
  • Part 2: Materials
  • Part 3: Design
  • Part 4: Fabrication
  • Part 5: Inspection and testing
  • Part 6: Requirements for the design and fabrication of pressure vessels and pressure parts constructed from spheroidal graphite cast iron
  • PD CR 13445-7, Unfired pressure vessels — Part 7: Guidance on the use of conformity assessment procedures
  • Part 8: Additional requirements for pressure vessels of aluminium and aluminium alloys
  • CEN/TR 13445-9, Unfired pressure vessels — Part 9: Conformance of EN 13445 series to ISO 16528.