Branch Connection

Dear experts, Is this acceptable? Based on my observation there is Incomplete weld deposit. How about the orientation of the weldolet?

Branch weld connection determine to follow your project specification or construction code application.
Yes, we normally determined Tm “nominal thickness of the branch weld for integrally reinforced branch connection fittings”.

Refer to construction codes

ASME B31.1 - 2018

  • 127.4.8 Welded Branch Connections
  • Figure 127.4.8-5 Some Acceptable Details for Integrally Reinforced Outlet Fittings

ASME B31.3 - 2018

  • Para. 328.5.4 - welded branch connections
  • Figure 328.5.4F Acceptable Details for Integrally Reinforced Branch Connections

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