Basic knowledge welding questions part 1

  1. There are three basic types of welding. One type is called “TIG” welding. What does the abbreviation “TIG” represent?
  • Totally Irrelevant Garbage
  • Turned Inside Gas
  • Tungsten Inert Gas
  • Tungsten In Gas
  1. Another type of welding is called “MIG” welding. MIG stands for:
  • Mainly in Gas
  • Metal Inert Gas
  • Metal in Gas
  • Measured in Gas
  1. During the process of welding a deposit of metal is left on the material. What is this deposit called?
  • A Puddle
  • A Bead
  • A Deposit
  • A Crater
  1. Another type of welding is called “Stick” welding. This welding process uses a flux covered electrode to produce the weld. What is the holder that holds the electrode known as?
  • The stinger (or one rod holder)
  • The rod holder
  • The handle
  • The rod clamp
  1. Welders use electrical currents to produce the power that welds the metal together. A.C. and D.C are two types of welding currents. What do these terms represent?
  • Alternating Current and Direct Current
  • After Crushing and Done Crushing
  • Alter Current and Dominating Current
  • Attracting Current and Detracting Current
  1. The process of electric welding produces a brilliant light that will burn the eyes if not protected. What do welders use to protect their eyes?
  • Sunglasses
  • A welding helmet
  • A special hood
  • Cutting goggles
  1. The electrodes that are used with arc welders are numbered. e.g. 7018-1/8. What do the numbers represent?
  • Diameter, length , strength and type of covering
  • Strength, position, type of covering and diameter
  • Length, type of covering, strength and position
  • Position, diameter, strength and length.
  1. To become a journeyman welder, you have to know the structure of metal. What is the term used to describe the study of metal?
  • Metal knowledge
  • Metallurgy
  • Metal know-how
  • The knowledge of metal
  1. Austenitic stainless steel and mild steel cannot be welded using the same procedure. What common method is used to differentiate between the two?
  • A magnet
  • A flashlight
  • A pen
  • A scriber
  1. MIG welders use wire that is rolled on a reel. The welder pushes the wire through a liner and out the end of a gun. Which of these are not a type of MIG gun?
  • Push/pull gun
  • Whip gun
  • Spool gun
  • Shotgun
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