B31.3 table 341.3.2 acceptance criteria

Just curious if anyone can help me understand what the T with a line above it andand a little w at the bottom left hand side means? cant seem to find in asme to explain thanks in advance.

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please clear your question, defects or T thickness?

Sorry for the late response, in the acceptance criteria for table 341.3.2 in B31.3 , if you go to H for example in relation to depth of undercut. In the acceptable value limits it states 1mm and then another equation, I am not sure what that is and I can’t find anything in there to explain it to me? . Hope that clears things up. Thanks.

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Ok, in Table 341.3.2 Acceptance Criteria for Welds β€” Visual and Radiographic Examination

  1. Determine services of piping process such Normal and Category M Fluid Service, or Severe Cyclic Conditions, or Category D Fluid Service.
  2. Determine β€œTypes of Welds” and then pick type of β€œWeld Imperfections” which you finding and then check the symbol (A, B,…H,…)
  3. See explanation in Table β€œCriterion Value Notes for Table 341.3.2”.

Thanks for that bien , it’s good to have a place like this to ask some questions.

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