AWS D1.1 table 9.9 note b

Please advise this limit in table 9.9 of AWS D1.1 2015.
Note b: Limited to prequalified joint details (see 9.10 or 9.11).

it is a prequalification.

See Clause 3.1 Scope in AWS D1.1 2015 states
Prequalification of WPSs (Welding Procedure Specifications) shall be defined as exempt from the WPS qualification testing required in Clause 4. All prequalified WPSs shall be written. In order for a WPS to be prequalified, conformance with all of the applicable requirements of Clause 3 shall be required. WPSs that do not conform to the requirements of Clause 3 may be quali-
fied by tests in conformance with Clause 4. For convenience, Annex P lists provisions to be included in a prequalified WPS, and which should be addressed in the fabricator’s or Contractor’s welding program. Welders, welding operators and tack welders that use prequalified WPSs shall be qualified in conformance with Clause 4, Part C or Clause 9, Part D for tubulars.