AWS D1.1 2015 Clause 4.26 – CVN Test locations

CVN Tests

  • Option A – 3 specimens
  • Option B – 5 specimens (recommend)

PQR Supplementary essential variable , see Table 4.6

Test Requirements , see 4.28

  • Test requirements for weld between base metals with specified minimum yield strengths of 50 ksi or less than
  • Recommend testing at -20 deg. C or contract document.

Test location

For non-tubular, see Figure 4.6 and Figure 4.28.

For tubular, see Figure 4.19 & 4.20.

  • Weld metal
  • Fusion line (optional)
  • Fusion line +1 mm
  • Fusion line +5 mm

We recommend to subject testing at fusion line because of your PQR intend to use in more projects.

Figure 4.28 are detail an individual CVN test requirement in a single welding process. If you PQR in combined process (more than one process application), each of one process should present the test specimens.

We recommend running PQR in a single process and you may also combination of more than one welding process on production weld, see limitation in Table 4.5 line #34.

Acceptance criteria , see 4.28.2 and Table 4.14

  • Standard size 10×10 mm, min. absorbed 27J.
  • Sub-size specimens, actual temperature shall be reduced to test temperature in Table 4.15.
  • The reduction in the minimum acceptance energy value for sub-size shall be determined in conformance with ASTM A370 Table 9.
  • Percent shear and lateral expansion shall be record when specified in the contract documents or specification, see Figure 11 through 16 of ASTM A370-05.