ASTM A36 - material inspection

ASTM A36/A36M-14 or ASME SA-36/SA36M-2019 – Specification for carbon structural steel

To make sure correctly material delivery, material ordering information shall be complied with specification.

Ordering information and general requirement

See requirement in Section 4 of ASTM A6/A6M-17a

Ordering information Example
ASTM product specification designation and year-date ASTM A36-17a
Name of structural product Plate
Shape designation thickness 6 mm, width 1354 mm
Grade, class and type of designation -
Condition delivery as-rolled
Quality 50 sheets
Length 6096 mm
Supplementary requirement See S5, S30, S32 in ASTM A36

Additional information should be included in material requisition such type of inspection document MTC 3.1 or 3.2, production test, max. carbon equivalent (CE), country of origin, approval vendor list, …

We are recommeded to order material from Hyundai Steel, POSCO, Nippon Steel, TATA, and other global steel company. You will recieve the compliance of their data reports in the MTC and verification of specification requirement.

Material and manufacture

The steel shall be killed.

Chemical composition

Please check the chemical analysis in Table 3 of ASTM A36.

Note: product analysis tolerance in Table A of Specification A6.

  • Heat analysis: test on casting, another name heat, casing.
  • Product analysis: test on production after forming.
  • % C and %Mn deviation see foot note B in Table 3 of ASTM A36.

Sampling for chemical analysis and methods of analysis shall be in accordance with ASTM A751.

Tension test

Tensile requirement in Table 2, you should refer to specification and compare with the MTC.

Remarks the foot note A) B) C) D) E) in Table 2 of ASTM A36 and then refer to ASTM A6 Para. 11 to check the statement in the MTC such orientation of test sample (transverse or longitudinal).

Test sample should verify in the MTC:

  • Position of test sample: top, bottom or middle.
  • Tensile test: direction, size and gauge length of sample.

Minimum number of tension test required, see Table B in ASTM A6.


See Para. 9 in ASTM A6: … structural products are normally furnished in the as-rolled condition and are subjected to visual inspection by the manufacturer or processor.

Refer to product form and delivery condition in the purchase order.

Permitted variations and dimensions and weight

See Para. 12 in ASTM A6.

Test reports

Test reports for each heat supplied are required, see Para. 14 in ASTM A6.

Identification of structural products (markings)

Plate markings

Required product markings Example
ASTM designation ASTM A36/A36M (year-date not required)
Grade (not required for A36)
Heat number xxxxx
Size and thickness 6 x 1254 x 6096 mm
Name, brand or trademark of manufacturer logo or tradename (NSSMC)
Processor ABC (stocker identification or distributor)

For structural products finished by other than the original manufacturer, the supplier of the structural product shall also provide the purchaser with a copy of the original manufacturer’s test report (Supplier shall certify true copy).

Location markings

At least one plate of each finished plate or production.
Other products and required marking, see Para. 18 of ASTM A6.