ASTM A240 - material inspection


ASTM A234: covers chromium, chromium-nickel, and chromium-manganese-nickel stainless steel plate, sheet,and strip for pressure vessels and for general applications including architectural, building, construction, and aesthetic applications.

Ordering information and general requirement

Ordering information are given in ASTM A480.

Here are example of ordering information.

Ordering information Example
Quality (weight and number of pieces) 100 lengths, xxx tones
Name of material Stainless Steel
Heat treatment annealed
Finish hot rolled, No. 1
Form Plate
Dimensions 12x1254x6000 mm
Type TP316/316L (*)
Specification ASTM A240-17
Supplementary production test by PMI 100 % (*)
Certificate EN 10024 Type 3.1
Packing, marking and loading as per term and condition

(*) dual grades or low carbon content should be cleared in the Purchase order to avoid cost impact or another supplementary test.

You may need to modify your order to comply with the specification.

Chemical composition

See table 1, pick your production and compare chemical composition.

There are some abbreviations need to know:

  • L- ladle: test on casting, another name heat, casing.
  • P- product: test on production. Product analysis tolerance are given in Table A1.1 of ASTM A480.

Which you should note for dual grade such TP316/316L?

Carbon content shall be less than 0.03 %.

Mechanical properties

See table 2, check tensile strength, yield strength, elongation and hardness.

Which you should note for dual grade such TP316/316L?

Min. tensile strength shall be 205 MPa.

If tensile test was performed on product, the MTC shall be stated specimen dimension and orientation.

Heat treatment

Heat treatment and finish of plate refer to Table A1.2 of ASTM A480.

Materials for High-Temperature Service

The austenitic H type are required in Section 6 of ASTM A240.

Product marking

Markings of plate, trip and sheet shall be marked on one face and minimum of

  • Specification: ASTM A240
  • Type of steel: type or UNS designation: TP316/316L
  • Material identification number: heat number
  • Manufacturer: trade name or logo.

Other information, please see Section 25 of ASTM A480.


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