ASTM A106 - Material Inspection and review MTC

Ordering informaion

Ordering requirement Example
Quantity feet, metres, or number of lengths
Name of material seamless only (SMLS)
Grade B
Manufacture hot-finished
Size NPS 8" Sch80 [DN200] [12.7 mm]
Special outside diameter tolerance pipe 16.2.2
Inside diameter tolerance pipe 16.2.3
Length 6 m
Optional requirements NACE MR0175, other
Test report required EN10204 Type 3.1
Specification designation A 106/A106M-18
End use of material BE
Hydrostatic test or NDE test Both
Special requirements


Who made or forming product by weld, pressure, …

Nippon Steel

Product markings: company’s name or company’s logo are required.

Trace number

Heat number, cast number or ladle number.

Cast number: 1109627

Product markings: are required.

Specifications and grades

A material specification shall include number, grades and year.

ASTM A106/A106M - 08 grade B

Product markings: specification number and grade.

Manufacture/ process

Delivery condition such statement killed steel, with the primary melting process being open-hearth, basic-oxygen, or electric-furnace, possibly combined with separate degassing or refining.

SMLS (seamless) only.

Product markings: processing method.


Diameter, thickness as given in ASME B36.10M

NPS 6" Sch 40 or DN150 7.11mm WT.

Product markings: size and thickness/schedule.


Mass per unit length,

NOTE: Pipe larger than NPS 4” shall include the weight and weight class.
See photo

Product marking are required for pipe larger than NPS 4”.

Mechanical properties

  • Tensile strength, yield strength and percentage of elongation.
  • Bending test is required for pipe NPS 2 [DN 50] and under.
  • Flattening test is required for pipe NPS 2 [DN 50] and upper.

NOTE: verification dimension of test specimens such gauge length, rounded standard size, subsize.

Product markings are not required.

Chemical analysis

Heat analysis and/or product analysis.


  • Product analysis § see tolerance of acceptance in ASTM A530.
  • Product analysis at the request of the purchaser, analyses of two pipes from each lot shall be made by the manufacturer from the finished pipe.

Product markings are not required .

Heat treatment

Hot-finished pipe need not be heat treated, except suppelmetary requirement.

Product markings are not required .

Hydrotest or Non-destructive electric test

100% pipe shall be subjected to the nondestructive electric test or the hydrostatic test.

ET / 20.5 MPa

Product marking: test pressure or NDE, both.




Could show standard of marking and actual sample should follow?

Acc. to ASTM A106 para. 25 and ASTM A530 para. 24

actual markings


How to check cut off pieces? and verification?

Tube or pipe

your question is aksing astm a106 is pipe or tube?

Is there a difference?

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IMHO For seamless pipes they must be Hydro statically tested and no NDE Examination can replace Hydro test

Hi @Aravind_km
IMHO means ???

In my humble opinion

May be both method: NDE (ET) and hydrotest.


20.5 MPa is test pressure values?

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Yes .
Hydro test pressure .
Either in PSI or in MPa .
For pipe up to 88.9 OD 2500 PSI max for pipe over 88.9 OD 2800 PSI max

Which standard refers to?