ASME Section IX Verticle Welding Travel Change

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When welding to ASME IX, If a welder’s WPQ says 3G uphill is he also certified as 3G downhill since QW-405.3 has a change in vertical welding as a Non Essential Variable? Can he weld a Uphill root With a downhill Filler pass or does he need both a 3G uphill WPQ and 3G Downhill WPQ to make that weld?

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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Any changing upward to downward are not allowed whichever WPS or welder.
You may miss something in this article.

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QW-405.2 As code states
qw 405.2

QW 252 Table- Which is intended for Procedure qualification .

Lets have a look in the progression its a ****non essential variable but only for Procedure qualification not for Welder performance qualification which is shown in below table.

qw 352
for welder qualification change in progression is an essential variable and your welders are not permitted to weld in other progressions.

If your WPS states the progression is in Upward then how can you ask your welders to weld in downward direction ? Since WPS is the document that prepared to followed by welders.
If you want to change the progression then amend the existing WPS .

Don’t mix procedure qualification with performance qualification.

Thank you very much for your response. The reason I am asking the question is that our welders have asked to do the root uphill for better penetration and the filler passes downhill on their WPQ.

I understand that if you write a WPQ and say all uphill or all downhill then change to the other they need to re-qualify but can you write it as root uphill and fill downhill?

If the WPQ states root uphill and filler downhill and you have two supporting WPS MH-1 which is uphill and MH-2 is downhill could you use both combined on one WPQ?or can you not have uphill and downhill in the same WPQ

The WPS is for proving that a weld is sound and the WPQ is for proving that the welder is capable of making the weld you ask for, So if you ask for uphill root and downhill filler is that ok?

I’m new at this and appreciate your help very much.

Sorry I don’t have a code book right now.
But in my opinion why did you need two WPS ?
you can use a single WPS and mention root run as vertical up and fill up is in vertical down progression.
By using that WPS you can qualify your welder in the progression you asked for.

But I am doubt full that your welder will pass bend test by making the WPS.