ASME Section IX 2019 changes related to welding and brazing

For the first time ASME addressed specific requirements for personnel supervising welding qualification.


First paragraph added

Personnel performing supervisory activities and control over the joining of qualification coupons (Procedure + Welder) shall:

  • (a) be designated by the organization with responsibility for certifying qualification documents.
  • (b) have a satisfactory level of competence in accordance with the organization’s quality program. As a minimum, they shall be qualified by education, experience, or training in the following areas:
    • (1) knowledge of the requirements of this Section for the qualification of procedures and/or joining personnel
    • (2) knowledge of the organization’s quality program.
    • (3) the scope, complexity, or special nature of the activities to which oversight is to be provided
  • (c ) have a record, maintained by the organization, containing objective evidence of the qualifications, training, or experience.

(Source: from Linkedin by Mr. Piotr Paluszkiewicz)


Who is being spoken about when they say “Personnel performing supervisory activities”??–Does this mean contractor representatives or ATRs & CWIs?

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