ASME SEC IX Unassigned Material

Please kindly advise me, I have a WPS qualified for PNo.1 Grp No.01 to PNo.1 Grp No.01 (A106 Gr.B-A53Gr.b-API 5l Gr.B/X52 or Equivalent) .

The drawing specified with material A36 Whose PNo is same (PNo.1). But the actual material received is EN 10025-2 S275 JR. Now this S275 JR is not available in ASME SEC-IX, it is an unassigned material to ASME SEC IX.

Hence Please adivise me whether we can proceed welding with the same WPS?

@knowledgesharing. ASME IX 2019 not listed material grade S275JR in table QW-422. We also faced many the same issue for alternative material, designed drawing is ASTM A36, but purchased material S275JR because available in the stock or short order.

Your question the same issue in the topic WPS for S355J2 and Welding produre qualification for structural steel .

Except BS EN ISO 15614-1 grouped material based on the minimum specified yield strength such material A106-B or A36, S275JR, … grouping in the grouping 1.1. So, you may make a procedure sub-group 1.2 also qualify for group 1.1.

In this situation, we would like to recommend 2 options.

Option 1: you make a Technical Query and submit to your client and get approval as equivalent.

Option 2: If not accept by them, you have to made a new PQR for unlisted material (S275) to listed material.

For secondary structural steel or supporting material, your client may consider to approve your suggestion in Technical Query (option 1).

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