Update ASME IX 2019
Deteled: QW-405.2

PQR Qualification

  • Material: API 5L Gr. X52N PLS2 SMLS
  • Pipe size: NPS 8” Sch 80 (12.7 mm)
  • Joint design: Groove, included angle 60 deg.
  • Welding process: weld metal deposit of GTAW (2.7 mm) and GMAW (10 mm).


Descriptions of WPS here.

A WPS shall be shown all variable in table QW-256 (for GTAW) and table QW-255 (for GMAW).
We should bring all variables in these tables and range of qualified application to new WPS.

Essential Variables

QW-402 Joint details GTAW GMAW
QW-402.1 Groove design Groove and fillet weld Groove and fillet weld
QW-402.4 Backing n/a Weld metal
QW-402.5 Backing None n/a
QW-402.10 Root Spacing 3.0 to 6.0 mm
QW-402.11 Retainers None None
QW-403 Base metal
QW-403.5 Group number 1 1
QW-403.6 T limits 12.7 to 25.4mm
QW-403.8 T Qualified 5 to 25.4mm
QW-403.9 t pass > 13mm n/a None
QW-403.11 P Qualified 1 1
QW-404 Filler metal
QW-404.3 Size 2.4 mm n/a
QW-404.4 F Number 6 6
QW-404.5 A Number 1 1
QW-404.6 Diameter n/a 1.2 mm
QW-404.12 Spec. or Class. A/SFA A5.18 ER70S-6 A5.18 ER70S-6
QW-404.14 Filler Yes n/a
QW-404.22 Consumable Insert None n/a
QW-404.23 Filler metal product form Solid metal cored
QW-404.24 Supplemental filler n/a None
QW-404.27 Alloy elements n/a None
QW-404.30 Max. Deposit thickness (t) 5.4 mm 20 mm
QW-404.32 t limits n/a None
QW-404.33 Classification - -
QW-404.50 Flux None n/a
QW-405 Positions
QW-405.1 + Position All All
QW-405.3 Vertical welding Upward Upward
QW-406 Preheat
QW-406.1 Decrease > 55 deg. C Min. 10 deg. C Min. 10 deg. C
QW-406.2 Preheat maintenance None None
QW-406.3 Increase > 55 deg. C Max. 250 deg. C Max. 250 deg. C
QW-407.1 PWHT None None
QW-407.2 PWHT (T & T range) None None
QW-408 Gas
QW-408.1 Trailing or composition: SG-A SG-AC-20
QW-408.2 Single, mixture % 100% 80% Ar-20%CO2
QW-408.3 Flow rate 10-15 lpm 15-25 lpm
QW-408.5 Backing flow None None
QW-408.9 Backing or composition None None
QW-408.10 Shielding or trailing None None
QW-409 Electrical characteristics
QW-409.1 Heat input 1.0 to 3.5 kJ 1.0 to 3.5 KJ
QW-409.2 Transfer Mode n/a Spray transfer
QW-409.3 Pulsing current None n/a
QW-409.4 Current and Polarity DC EN DC EP
QW-409.8 I & E range A: 80–150, V: 10-14, TS: 80-150 mm/min. A: 100-200, V: 20-30, TS: 100-200 mm/min.
QW-409.12: Tungsten electrode 2.4mm, 2%thoriated n/a
QW-410 Technique
QW-410.1 String/weave Both Both
QW-410.3 Orifice, nozzle or gas cup size 4 – 7 3/4 inch
QW-410.5 Method cleaning grinding or wire brushing grinding or wire brushing
QW-410.6 Method back gouge None None
QW-410.7 Oscillation None None
QW-410.9 Multi to single pass/ side Multiple Multiple
QW-410.10 Single to multi electrodes Single Single
QW-410.11 Closed to out chamber None n/a
QW-410.15 Electrode spacing None None
QW-410.25 Manual or automatic Manual Semiauto
QW-410.26 Peening None None
QW-410.64 Use of thermal processes None None

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