ASME B16.5 - markings verification

ASME B16.5

Standard markings shall be marked as required in MSS SP-25, except as noted in para. 4.2 of this code.

Identification Markings (complusory)

  • Name. The manufacturer’s name or trademark,
  • Material. Material specification,
  • Rating Designation. (i.e., 150, 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500, or 2500).
  • Conformance. The designation B16 or B16.5
  • Size. The NPS designation shall be marked on flangesand flangedfittings.
  • Ring Joint Flanges. The edge (periphery) of each ring joint flange shall be marked with the letter R and the corresponding ring groove number.

Below photo are acceptable the markings.

Identification Markings (optional)

  • Multiple Material Marking. Material for components that meet the requirements for more than one specification or grade.



B16 and B16.5 are required stamping?

Why the markings are rejected?

No manufactures logo,No size designation NPS. Manufactured in accordance with ASTM specification. No details of NDT conducted like DP OK UT ok.

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Great @Aravind_km. As photo, there are not the orignal markings and found missing requirement in ASME B16.5.

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