API 650 for Tanks UT Procedure

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I have a UT procedure with a manual Ultrasonic pulse-echo contact method to detect defects of butt weld & lamination in Carbon steel materials in the tank.
The procedure for above 6 inches diameter and nominal wall thickness above 6mm.But our client had given comments on UT procedure as below,

For but weld inspection automated, computer-based data acquisition shall be used (API 650 U3.2). and also refer API 650 Annex U Clause No - U 6.3.

Suppose if I have sufficient resources to complete the NDT requirement with RT. and we don’t have Ultrasonic Examination in Lieu of Radiography. Even as per my client specification not specified manual UT on tank weld joints.
Where I have to follow according to API 650. it’s mandatory to follow according to API 650 ANNEX U.

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