API 1104 electrode grouping

In API 1104, sec5.4 Essential variables , part no, base material grouping are there. additionally they provide notes 01 and notes 02.

Can anybody explain what that really telling ?

please copy two statement of note 1 and note 2.

These paras clearly your question. what do you want to expect in the question?

My question is, E6010 and E6011 are comes in under Group 01 ? shall we use this without re qualification ?

Secondly what i understood from note 01 is , Where mechanical and metrological properties, preheat and PWHT are not considered , we may use the Electrodes within same group, even they are different chemical composition.

I dont know, It is right or not, but this is what i understood.

Could you share a PQR or pWPS that would like to intend to build?

This is not for PQR, Just for my knowledge.

Read below quote for base metal, not welding consumable. Base Material
A change in base material constitutes an essential variable. When welding materials of two separate material groups, the procedure for the higher strength group shall be used. For the purposes of this standard, all materials shall be grouped as follows.

a. SMYS less than or equal to that of the material specified as API 5L Grade X42;

b) SMYS greater than that of the material specified as API 5L Grade X42 but less than that of the material specified as API 5L Grade X65;

c) for materials with a SMYS greater than or equal to that of the material specified as API 5L Grade X65, each grade shall receive a separate qualification test.

yes , It is about base material, i dont understand the meaning of below notes

The groupings specified in do not imply that base materials or filler metals of different analyses within a group may be indiscriminately substituted for a material that was used in the qualification test without consideration of the compatibility of the base materials and filler metals from the standpoint of metallurgical and mechanical properties and requirements for preheat
and PWHT.

As my understood, the API 1104 grouped base material under SMYS, if the same base material group (SMYS) specified in, no need to make a new PQR.

Unlike ASME or AWS D1.1 designation. they are listed material as P-number or Group number.

thanks for your reply

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