According to API 582 Table A1 ( ER80S-Ni1) not recommended

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Can anyone suggest to according API 582 as per TABLE - A1 has not recommended ER80S-Ni1 for AWS 5.28 GTAW process.
Please explain to me in detail how to read the table - A1 API 582 and way I can’t use and which electrode shall I use for the below-mentioned material.
PQR material - ASTM A333 Gr.6 to ASTM A350 LF2.
PQR Thickness - 12.7 mm.
Impact tested - -46°C

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GTAW welding process, you may find in note 1 Table A1 API 582 2016.
Welding electrode: ER70S-2/6.
We had run a PQR and mechanical testing found acceptance for thickness 5.54 mm at -54 deg. C.
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