ABS Approved Material Manufacturer Search

When do we verify on ABS portal site?

To double check material grades, manufacturer, and their approval type, …

ABS website portal

URL: https://www.eagle.org/ABSEaglePrograms/ma/ma-search.jsp

Database Search
Select either pipe mill, stell mil or consumables which one would like to find.


Click to “Adbanced search”.

Pick section would like to search.

Select Country of Mill

Select Grades


Verify results
Here shown many company and their workshop.

There are 3 options to get it by:

  • Export CSV
  • Print PDF
  • Email.

We are preferable to pdf and email, it may be printed out and attach to material certificate.

Example: we’d like to check for this MTC..

Try to find correct name and location of workshop as shown in the header of MTC.
Delivery condition: TMCP.
ABS Grade EH36

Roll down and look material grade and delivery condition.

Read more: How to find NDE company approval service from DNVGL

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