Following the topic, we would like to share you the quality document for small skid.


Inspection check list

  • Procedures and inspection should prepare and included in your hand, NDE procedure, NDE map, welding map and NDE plan also prepared.
  • You should make a content of procedures for control, type of inspection report, below is sample list of procedure.

Document control

  • Too many drawings/ document per each skid, so it should carefully update with latest revision,
  • Line list should be updated and control the piping spool number, all spools to be identified in the test package later.
  • Shop drawing, document submission to be documented revision number, date of submission, date of return, and approval code, etc.

Inspection report

To control and monitor all inspection reports, the assigned coding number should generate before starting issue.

Welding summary

  • For structural steel
  • For piping

Material receiving inspection

  • MRIR for piping, bolting, gasket, fitting
  • MRIR for consumable
  • MRIR for structural steel
  • MRIR for electric & instrument
  • Material traceability

Visual inspection

  • For piping
  • For structure

Dimensional inspection

  • Base frame – structure
  • Piping spool, loose items
  • Tie-in point report

NDE Reports

  • MT/PT reports
  • RT/UT reports
  • Hardness test, ferrite test, corrosion test  (if any)

Coating inspection report

  • Blasting and painting inspection report
  • Pickling and passivation report
  • Holiday test, salt test, dust test, pull of test (if any)

Testing report

Hydrotest & Pneumatic test

See hydrotest & pneumatic test procedure, prepare the test package, and update the test package, here.


Factory acceptance test

  • Bolt tightening report
  • Leak test for instrument air
  • Leak test for on-line pipe
  • Function test for valve, equipment

Packing report

  • Important do not miss during inspection: to check all the packing list, listed out all items installed or mounting on skids, spare part items, loose items, location of packing items, protection, preservation, etc.
  • Record all packing and photos evident should be kept.
  • To make sure all package had been checked and verified by all parties, and signed off in the packing list before moving next stage of the issue “IRN – Inspection Release Note”.

Inspection release note

  • The IRN will be issued by Client or their representative inspector will issue it because the inspection point is Hold Point.
  • This is an evident document for payment and confirmation that had been inspection before shipping.

Final Manufacturer data book

  • Collect all procedure, instruction used for fabrication and inspection record to the final MDR.
  • MDR Index / content will be confirmed with Client before making.
  • Construction drawings will be made an as-built for reviewing and approval.
  • All outstanding work list should close out or update in the master list for further actions.

Guide to make a sample MDR, here.

Storage and submission

  • Retention of document shall follow your quality system, such 3 years or 5 years.
  • Document submit eight hard copy or soft copy or both to your client.
  • Do not submit via email with many files attached in the email, it should combine into a “*.ZIP” folder, not compressed “*.RAR” file.
  • Submission should use a secured platform such Google One, SharePoint, WeTransfer.


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