QC and project team will make any deviations in the clarification form to make sure all misinformation or conflictions are clarified. All questions to be documented for further actions.

Here is an example, you may modify it to meet your services:

  • (A) Sub-sequence number.
  • (B) Type of question or category.
  • (C) Reference document number and its revision.
  • (D) Description of your proposal or any mismatch with your Purchase Order, or any questions would clarification. Note that this question may impact your cost control and back-charge later.
  • (E) The clarification should identify the Technical Query (TQ) for reference or update it from official confirmation.
  • (F) Date of issue the query.
  • (G) Client’s respond or confirmation.
  • (H) Who are approved the TQ?
  • (I) Date of approved the clarification.
  • (J) Status “closed” or “opening”.
  • (K) Cost variation if any additional or deletion by Client.
  • (L) Remarks any notes from Client comments.

Download: native files " clarification.xlsx "

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