Skid Fabrication

Skid fabrication including piping, strcutural steel, pressure vessel, equipment, compressure, mounting, E&I and other ultilities.


We are provided quality inspection/quality management/welding/expediting services reduce risk, ensure quality and provides confidence in the compliance of your equipment with standard, codes and regulatory requirements.  We bring extensive experience and high levels of skill and commitment to this all-important aspect of every contract.

  • Shop or detail darwing
  • Bidding document preparation and submission
  • Prepare WPS / ITP / other inspection report
  • Prepare inspection procedure, method statement, qualification
  • Make welding map, NDE map
  • Update welding datas and issue inspection report
  • Shop or site inspeciton, visual inspection, dimensional inspection
  • Painting inspection, hydrotest
  • Quality control and project distribution
  • Technical advisor and solving problem
  • Packing preparation and function test
  • Final document and close out the punch list

Provides quality solution


Pressure swing adsorption (PSA), gas separator membrane skid, gas valve skid, combustion unit, flare gas recovery system (FGRS), sulfur recovery unit (SRU), ...


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August 12, 2016



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