• This instruction defines the steps for goods receiving instruction in the Company.



  • STORE and QCI (Receiver) shall be responsible to receive materials purchased by the company and free issue items by Client.
  • STORE shall be responsible to store material in good condition.



  • When incoming goods purchased by the company or client are delivered. The STORE and QCI/QCE will check against packing list or purchase order.
  • The Receiver will check the goods to ensure the quantity to meet the packing list.
  • If materials are complied with the packing list, QCI/QCE will prepare material receiving inspection report.
  • If the damaged items are found at incoming goods, the RECEIVER will segregate the goods and remarks ‘HOLD’ sticker/paint marker. These materials shall treat in accordance with non-conformance and corrective action management procedure and inform to the following personnel for disposition:
    • Purchasing Officer/ Production Manager for goods purchased by Company.
    • Production Manager or Client for free issue goods.
  • The segregated goods will be held till disposition is satisfactory.
  • The RECEIVER will identify the goods for the specific project, and concurrently inform the Production Manager:
    • For delicate equipment, the goods will be stored in the warehouse.
    • For fabrication material, the goods will be stored in designated area.



B15 : Description of material
B16 : Material speciation
B17 : Quantity
B18 : Unit
B19 : Trace number is heat number or identification number
B20 : Name of manufacturer
B21 : Certificate number
B22 : Country of Origin

Purchase specification

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